And Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes.

I half wish to find a comfortable cave and live there for the whole of my existence but as that is an unlikely occurrence- I suppose I should join the rest of the human race and begin a blog. That doesn't mean I look down on any of you less. I am simply proving I can do it better. The Name is Olivia. I live the whole world wide. I like conspiracies, beautiful language, and things that give me leverage. Memento Mori: I'm ready for what's next.

(All writing published here is owned by me unless cited otherwise.)

In Omnia Paratus   I'm Bland Looking. Like Rice.

Tentative Screech

It is a game played by the heartless, the selfish, and the cowardly. All those who had been condemned as unusually cruel, unacceptably crude. Banished from even the merest of social Circumstances— the vagabonds slip in and out of pavement cracks, festering desire for gore. They dance tauntingly, chanting threats as you imagine that they do not exist.


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