And Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes.

I half wish to find a comfortable cave and live there for the whole of my existence but as that is an unlikely occurrence- I suppose I should join the rest of the human race and begin a blog. That doesn't mean I look down on any of you less. I am simply proving I can do it better. The Name is Olivia. I live the whole world wide. I like conspiracies, beautiful language, and things that give me leverage. Memento Mori: I'm ready for what's next.

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Over-Enthusiastic Olivia Writes Things About Fruit

I am holding a nectarine in my hand. I always have trouble deciding which I love more- the taste of fruit or the smell of it. Of course, grapes almost always smell so musty and stuffed. But oranges are like the bird out my window when I stay up to watch the dawn. And a peach- a peach is a needle stuck in a partially-done sweater, but also as ruddy in taste as the hurried breath of a schoolboy running. And a pear, a pear is like a crooked line. And beautiful as a phrase repeated twice, thrice.


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